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Just today Me, Martin, Kary and a bunch of us have been making negative reactions to the Criticism of one Suecritic but after reading all the stuff Martin and Tyler said in comments I realized what were doing is wrong so I'm sorry for being such a dick I mean LOOK AT OURSELVES WHAT'S WRONG WITH US WE'RE ACTING LIKE BARBARIANS!!! What is art so much as drawing a picture and a skill to empress and what are journals more then a way to communicate with the public but today we're all using these two things as weapons we have all forgotten that everyone has theirs rights to speak and here's my message to Kary and Martin Kary you shouldn't have deactivated your account just because this guy continuously criticized you that's not being mature about it that's the coward's way out you know your not perfect you know none of us is and you shouldn't react to bullies you should ignore them and not take what their saying seriously even the SueCritic said his stuff was not mean't to be taken seriously I mean they shouldn't matter to you cause their just assholes trying to get attention or just giving their opinion and Martin I'm going to be honest you can't take criticism well otherwise you wouldn't be bitching so much about it okay I know what it's like to be hated hell even I reacted to this problem the wrong way too but we need to ignore those haters and accept them not provoke them because Martin you said you don't care if you lose your followers just to get even with some critic have you lost your mind if you continue bitching and ordering people to report Critics just because you don't agree with him and even insult them in comments then your no better than they are and it's just going to make the problem worse I mean again we aren't perfect you know we make mistakes it's a part of life so just because someone is being a dick to our fandom that doesn't mean we should be dicks back cause it's wrong.

I hope you all learned now.
I mean serious DA there just Pears don't we have better things to make art about like IPhones, Making fun of horrible Corporations or ISIS I mean why Pears DA what's the point I thought Llama badges were weird and pointless enough but now we have to draw pictures of pears with mouths why it sounds just weird and stupid to me what's next creepy Bananas with eyeballs.

If someone knows the point of me drawing a Pear for DA please tell me Cause I don't have a fucking clue.
That's right it's April the 1st today

Just remember to have a great day and don't forget to prank people

People on the internet, it is time to spread the truth!

*drums play in the background*


Dear watchers, please help us to spread Spidey! "OOuOO" I you want to help us spreading Spidey, then repost this journal and use this "OOuOO" in as many comments as you wish.
They are all on my FF.Net account Check them out if your interested

feel free to share with me your thoughts on them…
yeah one of my favorite people on youtube has cancer what a tragedy I mean he was one of the funniest people I have ever seen and now he might be leaving us it's just not fair

Well I just like to say thank you AGP for all the entertainment you have given to us over the years and I'm not sure if you'll make it or not but just hang in there
Today at school we had to read a short story out of a workbook and characterize on the main character well I finished reading the whole thing and my day is ruined now let me explain see the story was about this 16 year old gang member named Andy who gets stabbed by a rival gang member and as Andy starts bleeding to death random people come by but don't try to help him out cause he's in a gang meanwhile as Andy is laying on the ground dying he starts having all this sad and negative thoughts about his life and how much he should have been just Andy and after reading it I had nothing to say I couldn't describe it, I couldn't make jokes about it and I couldn't even explain how I felt about it all I could do was grief because it made me think what's wrong with this world why would somebody go through this much pain and suffering just so he can fit in with the cool people and how he's going to die at 16 and never see his future it's not fair even if it was a fiction story it's still depressing I have never felt this bad before in my entire life I mean I actually have symphony for the Crips and Bloods because I wonder what those horrible gang members' lives before this bloodshed war they had it makes me regret judging others before getting to know them a lot more and for those out there that I have judge for being stupid and douche bags over the years I'm really sorry like this simple short story is so well written I mean if you don't feel anything after reading that story you have no soul cause this made me feel the cruelty of life and showed me how lucky I am to live the life I chose to have I probably will feel better the next day but for right now I'm just really depressed about the whole thing and I need to watch something on youtube to get my mind off it so that is all bye.…

there seems to be some new account on South Park fanon who is fucking around with Liza Morello's Wiki page by saying she's a Stupid Mary-sue, a weeb trash fan girl and cancer to the fandom I don't know if this is another troll or not but I'm keeping my eye on this one
There's a hacker running around trying to change your password and post Thomas the dank train pics and make rude journals saying. " I hate you all! Go die!" So he or she will ruin your life on DA. You will get banned if one of the DA members see all of that! And it won't be your fault! So please, paste all of this in a journal so if the hacker sees, he or she will know something's up, and leave you alone. Tell all of your friends about this so they can be safe! SAVE EVERYONE BY SPREADING THE WORD!!!!
Happy new year everyone it's now 2017 and yet nothing has changed in this world so it's not really that exciting
happy holidays to one and all Deviants everywhere
For a long time I have been talking to people on here about stuff I'm interested in so I like to know if there's someone on here who would like to talk to me about something cause I would like to know what you guys are up to and I feel like talking to someone but I have nothing to talk about so if there's any time you feel like discussing something with me, showing something to me or just have to ask how I am please leave a comment here or my profile page  
this awesome crossover I was really hoping for just came out from both McJuggerNuggets and TheAngryGrandpaShow's channel check them out their insane 

every fucking time I come on here and a video ad plays on a specific it slows down my computer until it loads and it's always on repeat and i can't pause some of them or sometimes I don't realize their there and when I'm either playing some of the videos I watch over it or I try to open or get out of another site my internet starts freezing up and my computer freezes up I hate these video ads on here just have simple picture ads that's all these video ads do nothing but freeze up my computer and I want them to be removed from all not just here but all websites
her account was deactivated the nightmare is over!!!!
Apparently mom couldn't pick me up at the end of school today because she had to go to a funeral at 2:00 so she took me home early lucky me

this girl has been taking and ripping off South Park artwork from Flip-Reaper-Z, niels827 and other South Park artists and is claiming that she drew these himself

so please report this bitch immediately 
wow I totally didn't see that coming that twist about Heidi at the beginning was just so surprisingly hilarious that I have nothing to say about it 
that asshole who was attacking the wikia long ago is back with an account we need to stop him before he causes destruction again… 
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Name: Grant Douglas Armstrong

Country: Canada

Crush/Lover: none

Sexuality: I'm not getting any

Date of Birth: May 3 1998

Favorite Band: Skillet

Best Friends IRL: Cade, My Peers at School 

Favorite games: so many games i can't even list them down

favorite shows: a lot of shows mostly South Park though

Favorite characters: Stan Marsh, Amir Valerie Blumenfeld

i Guess i'll tag