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South Park Canon and OCs short: Butters Poop
Author's note: here is another Short enjoy.
Butters Poop
At the apartment The Canons and OCs were all sitting in their office room table having a meeting as Stan begins.
"Okay everyone let's start this meeting uh Cartman just got back from westcoast so he's been fighting a lot of crime out there so Cartman you want to fill everybody in on what's going on." Stan explained to the gang as he gives Cartman the floor.
Meanwhile Butters was just sitting there until he felt something inside the back of his pants as Cartman started speaking.
"Well as you all know I got back from L.A and I just got to say it's a real chore having to fight crime with the beautiful weather and all the gorgeous women and all." Cartman said as all the boys start laughing and oohing.
Meanwhile Butters stood up moaning as he sticks his hand down his pants trying to get whatever's bothering him out.
"REAL CHORE GUYS!" Cartman yelled out.
"Ooh ride it over." Grant said.
"Yeah I'll bet." Stan said with a smile.
"Ah." Bu
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Grant's selfie by TheGrantMan2 Grant's selfie :iconthegrantman2:TheGrantMan2 14 14 EA Devil by TheGrantMan2 EA Devil :iconthegrantman2:TheGrantMan2 5 8
Nazi Park Chapter 2
Author's note: here chapter 2 enjoy.
Chapter 2
The Next day at South Park Elementary Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Grant along with several other students were sitting in their class room talking a lot of smack with each other when their teacher Mr. Garrison entered the room.
"Alright children let's take our seats we have a new student joining us today all the way from the Philippines please welcome Kelly Rose." Mr Garrison said as a girl name Kelly Rose entered the room.
"Hello everybody I'm really excited to be in this new school with a bunch of new friends." Kelly Rose said with excitement.
"Wow what a little ass wipe." Cartman whispered to the other four boys as they start snickering.
"ERIC CARTMAN YOU SHUT THE HELL UP AND GIVE OUR ASS WIPE OF A STUDENT SOME RESPECT!" Mr. Garrison yelled at Cartman which gets him to shut up.
Then Kelly's cell phone began to buzz as she picks it up and it showed on the screen that it was Eligard Madi's Daughter calling her then she looked up at Mr.
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Grant's reaction to Where the Dead go to die by TheGrantMan2 Grant's reaction to Where the Dead go to die :iconthegrantman2:TheGrantMan2 4 5
Nazi Park Chapter 1
Author's Note: Here is Chapter 1 enjoy.
Chapter 1
Then it cuts to the town of South Park where 5 boys Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick and Grant Armstrong were waiting at bus
"Hey are you guys just as bored as I am?" Cartman asked his friends.
"Yeah." the other 4 boys answered.
"I mean there's usually something insane happening in South Park but not today nothing crazy is going on there's no big adventure were just standing at the bus stop doing nothing." Stan explained.
"Yep just another boring day in South Park how fucking great." Grant said as he drinks some beer.
"Guys we've only been standing here for 10 minutes." Kyle said.
"That long oh god." Cartman said as he groaned.
"So did you guys finish your homework?" Stan asked.
"No." The other boys answered.
"I see well what did you guys do yesterday?" Stan asked.
"Dude don't you think your trying too hard to make conversation with us?" Kyle asked.
"Just tell me what you did yesterday dude I want to know." Sta
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Grant's reaction to the Oogieloves by TheGrantMan2 Grant's reaction to the Oogieloves :iconthegrantman2:TheGrantMan2 5 6


South Park Animated Gift 36 - Grant Wave by Flip-Reaper-Z South Park Animated Gift 36 - Grant Wave :iconflip-reaper-z:Flip-Reaper-Z 15 3 South Park Gift 11 - Canon VS OC ( Stan Vs Grant ) by Flip-Reaper-Z South Park Gift 11 - Canon VS OC ( Stan Vs Grant ) :iconflip-reaper-z:Flip-Reaper-Z 22 2 South Park Original Character Mugshots 2016 by Flip-Reaper-Z South Park Original Character Mugshots 2016 :iconflip-reaper-z:Flip-Reaper-Z 75 146
The Cartoon Subspace Emissary: Casting
If you read my latest journal entry, you should see, among my future parodies, that I plan to parody the adventure mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl called The Subspace Emissary. So, here's the cast list.
Playable Characters
Mario : Bugs Bunny
Luigi : Daffy Duck
Yoshi : Porky Pig
Peach : Lola Bunny
Wario : Yosemite Sam
Donkey Kong : Taz
Bowser : Elmer Fudd
Diddy Kong : Jake Tasmanian Devil (Taz-Mania)
Link : Aladdin
Zelda / Sheik : Jasmine
Ganondorf : Jafar
Young/Toon Link : Genie
Samus Aran / Zero-Suit Samus : Kim Possible
Kirby : Mickey Mouse
Meta-Knight : Donald Duck
King Dedede : Pete
Fox McCloud : Danny Fenton / Phantom
Falco Lombardi : Tucker Foley
Wolf O’Donnel : Skulker
Pikachu : Blooregard Q. Kazoo
Jigglypuff : Goo
Pokémon Trainer : Mac
Squirtle : Coco
Ivysaur : Wilt
Charizard : Eduardo
Lucario : Imaginary Man (from the “Challenge of the Superfriends” episode)
Captain Falcon : Terry McGuinnis / Batman Beyond
Ness : Stan Marsh
Lucas : Kyle Broflovski
Ice Climb
:iconessteka:Essteka 2 31
Well, it took me about 8 ½ months to write this Subspace Emissary fanmake. Here’s the final chapter. Time to conclude this story.
Chapter 30: A Smashing Epilogue
All the places that were in Subspace were back to their original locations: the stadium, New York City, Pete’s Castle, etc. Some moments later, on a cliff that was near the ocean, Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Lola, Taz, Jake, Sam, Elmer, Wile E, Swackhammer, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Abu, Iago, Carpet, Jafar, Kim, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pete, Danny, Tucker, Skulker, Bloo, Mac, Coco, Wilt, Eduardo, Goo, Cheese, Imaginary Man, Nemesister, Terry, Stan, Kyle, Billy, Mandy, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Bebop, Rocksteady, SpongeBob, Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, Stewie, Bender, Homer and Naruto were all standing up, looking towards the horizon. There, they noticed a large ‘X’-shaped white light in the sky.
“Wasn’t it where the floating island was?” asked Danny.
“Yep, it was there.
:iconessteka:Essteka 10 3
To answer nobodiez’s question: Fry and Leela went back into the future during Chapter 24.
And now, it’s time for something you all have been waiting for. Here’s…
Chapter 29: The Final Battle
Now that all the five bosses were defeated, all the heroes and villains were ready for the last part. Soon, they went near a door that was larger than any other door, which seemed to be where Tabuu was hiding. All of them were either nervous or either confident.
“Well, folks. Looks like this is it. We’re finally about to end it.” said Bugs.
All of sudden, Daffy started to cry like a coward.
“Ah! There’s no way we can defeat Tabuu! We can’t defeat him at all! I mean, he was able to tranform all of you into trophies. But we don’t have anything that can stop him this time!”
“The duck’s right. I have no more badges that can help us to go back into our normal form.” said Pete, with a sad face.
“This is the end for all of us!
:iconessteka:Essteka 8 3
After a while, here’s another chapter. Why did it take such a long time? Well, two reasons: lazyness, and I tried to find a good way to do this long portion of the game known as the Great Maze in one chapter. And I think I was able to do it very well. Well, the best I could do. Anyway…
Chapter 28: The Great Maze
Everyone was walking towards the huge door. At the same time, two certain ducks were still bickering each other.
“I’m a better Meta-Knight than you!” exclaimed Daffy.
“No! I’m the better Meta-Knight between the two of us!” exclaimed Donald.
“Hey! At least the ship who is replacing the hallberd is MY ship! Not the ship that belongs to your boss.”
“No way! Your ship doesn’t belong to you. He belongs to the Galactic Protectorate!”
“It’s still my own ship, anyway!” The ducks glared furiously at each other. They had enough of that as Donald jumped on his rival and started fighting him, which also make a
:iconessteka:Essteka 7 5
Chapter 27: Mickey to the Rescue
While Daffy, Stan and Pete were searching for the trophies to revive, some other trophies were still laying on the ground, such as Mickey’s trophy. But all of sudden, something strange happened on the mouse’s trophy. Just like with Daffy and Stan right before him, Mickey’s trophy glowed. Some seconds later, the mouse was back to normal. He stood up, rubbing his head.
“Gosh! That Tabuu was so powerful!” he groaned. As he looked around, the mouse noticed he was alone. “But, how did I came back to life?” he wondered. As he pondered, Mickey put his hands in his pockets. Then, he realized there was something in his left pocket. He took the object and looked at it. “Huh? That badge with Pete’s face? Could it be… I’ll figure it out later. I have to save my friends!”
So, Mickey decided to put the object back in his pockets and decided to save all the other heroes. Some moments later, he came across som
:iconessteka:Essteka 8 2
To answer ghosthero’s question: No, I'm not planning to do a fanmake of Alice in Wonderland.
Chapter 26: Here Come Daffy, Stan and Pete
Some hours passed ever since our heroes have failed to save the world by being transformed into trophies by the evil Tabuu. It seemed like all hope was lost and that nothing could save the day. However, something extraordinary was going to happen, in Subspace itself. With all the events that happened during this adventure, Pete’s castle was now in Subspace. In the castle, three trophies were still there, laying on the ground: Daffy, Stan and Pete. They never have been restored and there was no else around to revived them. Suddenly, something shone on Daffy’s trophy and Stan’s trophy. It was the badges Pete put on them before Elmer came to steal Lola’s trophy. They glowed so brightly. Soon enough, a light covered both of them. Two seconds later, the boy and the duck were back to life, sitting on the ground.
“Huh?” aske
:iconessteka:Essteka 8 4
To answer Tom’s review: I thought it would be funny for Bender to steal the spotlight from Fry and Leela since he’s the breakout character of Futurama. So, that’s why I did this.
Chapter 25: The Real Diabolical Brain
Above the ocean, one of the numerous dark spheres was floating near the sky. Soon enough, a giant cannon appeared from the dark sphere. This cannon was so huge, any regular human would look like a bug besides it. It was kind of like an ultimate weapon that you could find in a science-fiction story, like Star Wars, Star Trek and any others. The cannon shooted towards the horizon. It hitted something as another dark sphere was made, sucking everything around. On top of the cannon, four familiar villains were standing: Elmer Fudd, Jafar, the Green Goblin and Mr. Swackhammer.
“This is just great. Marvelous, in fact.” said the Green Goblin, smirking evily.
“You said it, Osborn. Marvelous very well.” agreed Swackhammer.
“Soon, Mastew Hand
:iconessteka:Essteka 9 5
I realized I forgot to mention one thing in the previous chapter some minutes after posting the said chapter. When Bloo said “By the way, is it me, or did I have seen something like this happening before?”, it was a reference to the fact he was also in that part in Tomahawk41’s The SubToon Emissary (and in the upcoming The Crossover Emissary) as Olimar.
Yeah, I heard about Captain America’s return, JusSonic. BTW, is it me or almost any comic book characters that has been killed always have a good chance to come back to life? I mean, Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Jason Todd and many others, they all came back to life. Anyway…
Chapter 24: Bender’s Story
Let’s go back to see the whole group of heroes that was staying in the ground, such as Bugs, Al, Spidey, the Turtles, Mac, etc. They were still waiting for the other heroes to meet them at this place.
“Accordin’ to the script,” said Bugs as he read the script. “they should be here in 5, 4,
:iconessteka:Essteka 7 2
I like your suggestions, Nightw2. I’ll be sure to use them.
And to the guy who ask where is the Sheik of this story, just read Nightw2’s review.
Chapter 23: The Ancient Minister’s Real Identity
Let’s go back to see Kim and Bloo. Right now, they were running in a corridor while the alarm was heard. They had no doubt that some robots would appear at any moment to try to stop them.
“I told you not to put your face into that security camera!” said Kim to the blob, glaring at him.
“What? I was sure I was gonna appear in a TV show!” answered Bloo.
The basic average girl and the blue blob ran soon into a bunch of futuristic robots. Kim used a grappling hook and used it to swing herself around and hit some robots. She used her agility to dodge shots coming from these mechanical baddies. Bloo used his paddleball against the robots, and it surprisingly worked. After beating some of them, they noticed an Assist Trophy appearing. K
:iconessteka:Essteka 8 3
Chapter 22: From the Aircraft Carrier to the Ground
Meanwhile, the Specter Speeder slowly moved away from the Aircraft Carrier.
“With only this vessel, we can’t defeat this ship of doom.” said Sam.
Danny thought about this. He realized that the Goth girl was right. They couldn’t continue that way.
“Here’s what we are gonna do.” said the halfa to Tucker and Sam. “Tucker, I’m gonna help you landing on the ship. You’re gonna investigate it while I’m gonna check in the air to see if there’s any useful thing to see.”
“Roger that, Danny.” said his best friend.
The halfa turned around to the Goth girl before continuing.
“Sam, I want you to go to Amity Park and warn everyone. Get all the help you can get, like Jazz, Dani and Cujo. I have a feeling that something will happen, and it ain’t gonna be good.”
“Alright.” said Sam. She grabbed Danny’s hand before looking directly into his eyes.
:iconessteka:Essteka 7 2
Sure, Tom! I’m gonna use your suggestion in this chapter. You can count on it!
And now, time to reveal the one playing Solid Snake. For this role, I choose one of my all-time favorite characters. He may seems unfitting as Snake at first, but you’re gonna love him. Who is it? Well, you’re gonna discover it now, in a chapter called…
Chapter 21: Metal Gear Simpson
Let’s go back to see that particular room on the aircraft carrier. You all remember that room, right? When Aladdin and his team were introduced, we saw a room on the aircraft carrier. And there was a box inside that room, with a voice coming from that box, asking if he could get out of the box because he was hungry. Well, whoever is inside that box will finally appear.
“I am vengeance… I am the yellow…” said the same voice in that box.
All of sudden, the box was lifted, revealing the person that was inside this box. It was a yellow-skinned fat man. Altough he was bald, he did have two
:iconessteka:Essteka 8 3
After a long wait, I’m finally back to work on this story. Let’s say it’s mostly because school gave me boring homeworks to do since some weeks. And now that my vacation has officially begun, I’m ready to write more chapters.
Time to see who are playing the Ice Climbers. They are the main characters to one of my most favorite 2000’s cartoon series!
Chapter 20: The Ice Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Back with Donald, Goofy, the Turtles, Kyle and Mac, they were all looking up, watching Donald’s aircraft carrier floating above a tall snow mountain. The aircraft carrier was attacked by the Specter Speeder. Both were shooting fire at each other. Seeing his aircraft carrier being attacked, Donald couldn’t stand anymore.
“I must do something. I have to go there.” he said. He turned around and looked at the others. “Well, guys. I have to go. See you next time!” said the duck before he quickly climbed towards the mountain’s summit.
:iconessteka:Essteka 8 8
Here’s another reason to why this story is T-Rated. And you’re gonna love that reason!
Chapter 19: Family Guy Beyond
Meanwhile, in another place, a huge futuristic robot was attacked by smaller robots. These smaller robots all looked like robotic teddy bears. Soon, the huge robot had enough and span around, throwing the robotic bears to the ground. Some of them were destroyed while the others were still okay. Then, the huge robot looked around and saw a little person in front of him. It was a baby with a football-shaped head. He was wearing a yellow shirt, red overalls and grey shoes. His name is Stewie Griffin, obviously the leader of those robotic teddy bear.
“My God, look at this mess!” said Stewie. Yeah, even though he’s a baby, he can talk. Don’t even ask. “That robot destroyed almost all my Robot Ruperts. Well, I’ll show him no one messes with Stewie Griffin!” Suddenly, a Robot Rupert tapped him on the side. “What is it, Rupert?
:iconessteka:Essteka 7 4


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